In this introduction, the researcher will give a comprehensive account of the background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, significance of the study, researcher question, scope of the study and delimitation as well as operational definition of terms as used in the study.


The increasing desire for knowledge in man has resulted in many invention, innovation and discoveries of new ideas and facts leading to the present technological and scientific development of the present age. as of such knowledge, exploration nationally and internationally there is a wider awareness among people in various disciplines through research.

Man is a curious being where he looks and he sees phenomena that arouse his curiosity which causes him for wonder, speculate and ask questions. He discover situation, whose meaning he does not understand or comprehend by asking questions, man create a favorable attitudinal climate and inquisitiveness regarding pertinent facts.

Nursing profession as one of the discipline is not left behind, nursing aims at providing and formulating quality nursing care contributing towards solving health care problem which is scientific based for the practice of nursing. the clinical practice of nursing is be set with a never ending stream of problems needing solution and these problems keeps increasing as well as manifesting in different ways and acts on needs to be taking by the nurse in order to relief the patient’s condition. (Ajaye et al, 2007).

Since nursing is a practical as well as theoretical profession, nurses have in the past place in one emphasis on its practical aspect than on research thus nurses tend to access ideas or knowledge or practice from authorities without much questions.

In the past, nursing relied healthy on the facts and knowledge designed from experience of experts, it also borrowed facts from other sciences without necessary testing them. Scientifically to determine how well they might serve in their role. Nursing curriculum preparing clinician to provide patient care and their mere little consideration of the importance of developing the research role.

According to Cherry et al (2012) in their studies also find out that opinion among nurses that research is not relevant to current practical and views that theory and practice are not related. When nurses have an appreciation for research and want to incorporate findings into their practice they are unsure on what process to use and where to find quality studies on a specific topic or practices issue.

In essence, the future of nursing research look bright globally, yet many argue that in reality, few nurses actually use research as basis of practice in Nigeria. They state that many nurses do not know what evidence is available or how to apply it and that a gap exists between what is known and what is done (Flaugher 2012).

Research is significant in the care of patient as it gives the nurse new ideas on how to improve patient care. However, nurses have been criticized for their resistance to both research and the development of research based nursing and their continues support of practice that has no sound research base (Ajayi et al 2007).

Having observed the present of insufficiency as well as the gap that exist between the knowledge and practice of research among nurses hence this study is taking to re-evaluate the knowledge and practice of research among nurses in Federal Medical Centre Bida.


Nurses place more emphasis on practical aspect of nursing than a research, it has been perceived by some nurses as something that can only be done by doctors and other health personnels. They have not attempts to extend knowledge underlying nursing by stimulating and engaging in critical thinking and questioning long held assumption.

Similarly some nurses do not like filling questionnaires, participating in a test for research purpose or allowing themselves to be interviewed, thus making the researcher to be discouraged as there is no motivation.

This has created a gap which has existed for a long time between the knowledge and practice of research among nurses. It has been discovered that most of the nurses have insufficient knowledge and practice of research base as well as scientific base nursing care. alot of nursing practice are been carried out base on what has been happening (as tradition with the opinion that this is how we have doing it for a long time).

During the researcher’s consistent visit to Federal Medical Centre Bida, the researcher observed that nurses do not cultivate the ideas of research neither do they implement new scientific finding into their nursing procedure.

In view of the above mentioned problem, the research is motivated to carry out research study on knowledge and practice of research among nurses so as to find the possible solution to fill the gap that is existing.